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How We Started:

The concept was inspired after a Breast Cancer Drive in 2012, in which our founders participated. They are Michelle Swindale - a seven-year survivor of breast cancer - and Jennifer De Oliveira, who has been personally affected by cancer and is passionate about making a difference.

Icons and slogans play a major role in today’s communication. We have devised a simple communication tool that serves as a constant reminder to all women that regular self-examination plays a massive role in early detection of Breast Cancer.


We want people to Check. Know. Prevent

Your breasts regularly

What signs to look out for & when to see your doctor

The spread of cancer to improve your chances of a complete recovery

Our key tool – the CheckKnowPrevent Bra

Our Check Know Prevent Bra, is the ‘ABC cup of tips.’ We want to show women how to check their breasts, know the signs of cancer, and when to seek medical advice. The Check Know Prevent Bra serves as a daily reminder to check your breasts. As a fashionable comfortable, garment it will complement your existing lingerie, but with the added bonus of providing clear instructions on how to provide a self-examination of your breasts.


We like to call ourselves The Cancer Ops Team (COPS). The main thrust of what we do is to drive awareness and education around the preventative management and early detection of breast cancer, which has proven to be the best results for survival. Our secondary thrust is to educate those dealing with cancer as to the importance of managing and completing their rehabilitation process.

Why Do We Exist?


Without action, the worldwide cancer burden is expected to reach 21 million new diagnoses and 13 million deaths by 2030[1], with the most rapid increases occurring in low- and middle-income countries like South Africa

We want people to fear less about being diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer can be beaten through early detection. We want people to become more knowledgeable and be proactive in detecting the early signs of cancer. Education is empowerment and it’s important to know your body well, know what to look out for and to check your body regularly.

It’s not about being paranoid, it’s about being realistic.

Checking needs to become a routine, like brushing your teeth. Don’t think: ‘It will never happen to me,' but equally don’t be scared of knowing. Be proactive. Take charge.

Check Know Prevent gives you the knowledge to self-examine/know the signs and ultimately early detection which means a much greater chance of survival.