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Bra Styles

The Check Know Prevent bra is unique! This proudly South African innovation is the first of its kind in the world and its very existence helps empower women on how to check their breasts, know what to look and increase their chances of survival.

Check Know Prevent bras come in four different styles. Each bra carries Check Know Prevent’s lifesaving message. There are instructions on the inside of every bra on a guide on how to check your breast and when to seek medical assistance.

The Check Know Prevent bra

  • Is an essential and really unique tool in the fight against breast cancer.
  • By purchasing it we help consumers become pro-active and take charge of their own health by doing regular -breast examinations.
  • Is a reminder of the necessity of conducting self-checks.
  • Educates women on how to do a self-check.
  • Informs women on what symptoms to be on the lookout for.
  • I Is a soft bra, which is a healthier option as it takes on the shape of your breasts and curves.
  • Is a proudly South African initiative and supports local manufacturers.

The innovative CHECK KNOW PREVENT bra will be available in four different styles:

  • Soft Bra for Small Breasts
  • Soft Bra for Large Breasts
  • Bandeau
  • Sports Bra

What is a soft bra or a cut –and- sew bra. No, you don’t get it in a kit. The cut-and-sew bra is an engineering marvel made specifically for women, with the added flourish and creativity of a textile genius. But perhaps the best thing about cut-and-sew or 3-part bras is their superb artistry: Gorgeous embroidery on different types of fabric (lace, tulle, satin, microfibre) all come together on the palette of the cut-and-sew bra. Inner-garments are the new outer-garments which are one more reason why the Check Know Prevent bra hits the spot, perfectly.

What is a CUT-AND-SEW BRA, you might wonder. Well, they used to be the basis for all bras — different pieces of fabric seamed together at various angles to create a perfect cup. They are very different from moulded bras, which are made of a single piece of material moulded into shape.

There’s nothing wrong with moulded bras, but the seams on cut-and-sew bras give you different levels of support, depending on the type of seam pattern. The various panels of fabric used to fashion the cups of cut-and-sew bras help them to match your unique figure perfectly for the best possible support and shape.

There are a number of different seam patterns that make your breasts very happy campers. The ones with the most support (the Rolls Royce of seamed bras for women who need the support the most) are side-panel or side-sling seamed bras. These gems hold your breasts in place from the side to the front and give you a narrower silhouette by avoiding dreaded side spillage. A single vertical seam is another popular cut-and-sew bra. Similar to the single horizontal seam, it has the trademark look of class vintage bras from the fifties and provides depth, lots of lift, and great cleavage without being actual push-up bras. Vertical seamed and diagonal seamed bras are a variation on the three part balconette or full-cup bra, with seams that go horizontally across the bra for that “outward” balconette projection.

Our bras have been named after someone really special who has breast cancer.

Kathy – The Bandeau

Under every great slip or halter dress is a bandeau bra. These comfortable bras are the strong and silent type of the bra world. They’re there to offer superior support and softness and look great peeking out under a flowing top on a hot summer day.

A BANDEAU BRA is made up of a strip of stretchy fabric with a thick band on top and bottom for better grip. Although it is strapless, it is different to a conventional strapless bra because it doesn’t have the usual hook-and-eye closure. A bandeau bra is an easy-to-wear slip-on bra.

Our objective is to provide you with a bandeau you will love but also serves as a purpose.

You are taking charge of your breasts and proud to do so.

Willing to shout to your friends that you have a Check Know Prevent bra. Not only a reminder but provides you a step by step description on how to do your self-breast examination.

And most importantly you will be assisting a cancer patient in desperate need.

Let’s not forget completely locally made and a proudly South African initiative.

Velisa The Sport Bra

Sports bras are specially designed bras to minimise breast movement during exercise. Our bra offers low to medium impact support. The Velisa has cup inserts for support and modesty and you can even use it for workouts.

Don’t be afraid to show off your Check Know Prevent sports bra wear it loud and proud.

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