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Why Do Women Wear Bras?

The Basic Purpose of a Bra

1. Weight distribution of bust
The main point of wearing a bra is to distribute the weight of the bust onto the shoulders and waist area in order to feel comfortable. If a bra fails to fit properly, most of the weight falls on the shoulders and neck, which may cause headaches or pain in the shoulder or neck.

2. To improve the appearance of clothes and the body
Yes, bras really can make your clothes look better. They help improve the shape of your body and sometimes even allow you to fit into certain clothes.

3. To avoid pain
Wearing a bra distributes the weight of the breasts in such a way that about 80 percent is carried by the band and only about 20 percent by your shoulders, which makes the bra more comfortable and could prevent shoulder and neck pain, as well as spinal issues.

4. To reduce discomfort
Bras reduce unwanted movement of the breasts, thus preventing discomfort. Women with large busts often face problems in doing even in the most basic tasks because of breast discomfort. Wearing a properly fitting bra can help control any unnecessary movement.

Pros of wearing a bra

Protection from sweating: Wearing a bra protects you against sweating under the bust, which is the most likely cause of irritation and outbreaks of pimples.

Boosts confidence: With your bra on, you can move around easily and with confidence and avoid any feeling of awkwardness or self-consciousness.

Avert pain: If you are a woman with heavy bust, you may feel pain in your shoulders and chest. A bra provides good support and keeps you pain-free by adding extra support.

Ease of moving around: Going braless could be called unprofessional. Even walking could be difficult as your bust slaps against on your chest. Bras provide you with the comfort and support to move around freely.

Graceful look: With your bra on, your outfits fit well and give you a graceful look.

Enhance cleavage: If you want to show off your cleavage, don’t forget to wear a bra as there really isn’t a better way to show your cleavage.

Good posture: Bras provide natural support for your spine in order to maintain good posture.