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About the Bra

Jenny De Oliveira, founder and Operations Director of Check Know Prevent, landed on a brilliant idea that is a world first – to use the inner lining of a bra to communicate how to properly check your breasts and what signs to look out for.  Not only does it educate but wearing the bra acts as a frequent reminder to check your breasts.

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But first and foremost, we know you want a great bra, hence we approached Di Schonegevel, a specialist in the field of undergarment construction, with over 20 years of experience in designing bras, to design and create our Velisa Sports Bra – and we’re proud to say it holds its own against any top brand sports bra in the market!  Plus it has removeable padding, AND we are currently adapting the design to accommodate prosthetics for those who have had mastectomies.

Our Designer

Di Schonegevel

Di Schonegevel

CKP Bra Designer

Di Schonegevel is the expert designer of our unique Sports Bra. With a Diploma in Fashion Design and over 33 years of experience Bra/Lingerie Design, technology, construction, & manufacture, she was hands down our first choice to design the CheckKnow Prevent SportsBra.

She has been the brand designer for Jockey & Gossard/Berlei Sports, Cape underwear, Triumph & Prestige Clothing, not to mention having designed for all major retailers including Edgars/Shelley, Woolworths Lingerie, Foschini, Debenhams, Dunnes & Stuttafords

Currently, Di is a freelancer specializing in Bras & Lingerie, Maternity & Mastectomy bras, Gymwear & Swimwear.

“Check Know Prevent is close to my heart having lost my best friend to Breast Cancer at age 43. Being diagnosed in her early 30’s, she became an advocate for early detection, & in so doing, saved another close young friend’s life. The CKP sports bra is special in that it is a constant reminder to self-examine & check for early signs.  It is also designed with comfort & support in mind.  The outer fabric is supportive with 15% Elastane & can accommodate larger cup sizes.  It would be classified as medium support and features removable pads for extra support/modesty.  The cradle also gives support under the bust, & there are no exposed seams, as the garment is fully lined. It features wide supportive u-band elastic – fully fabric covered to remain soft and comfortable.”

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