Our Mission

Breast cancer is on the rise. Early detection is key to survival and that’s what our bra promotes every time you wear it.

Check Know Prevent - Early detection saves lives

Breast cancer will affect 1 in 8 South African women in their lifetime and is the most common cancer worldwide.  It’s also one of the easiest cancers to detect – if we’re paying attention, and as with many cancers, early detection saves lives.

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  • Purpose

Ours is a bra with a purpose

Caught at Stage 0, 5 year survival rates are 100%, at Stage 1 this is still 95%.  The key is that a once-a-year reminder in Breast Cancer month to go for a mammogram or check your breasts is not enough.  Breast cancer is also affecting younger and younger women, yet it is mainly women over 40 who are advised to go for annual mammograms.

Another problem is that women don’t know HOW to properly check their breasts, or what warning signs to look out for.

We want you to CHECK your breasts regularly, KNOW what signs to look out for and PREVENT extensive treatment or premature death through EARLY DETECTION.