Tell us your cancer story – be it one of survival and hope or to pay tribute to a fallen warrior. We’d love to hear about and honour these brave people and their support networks.

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14 October 2022

Oktober is Borskanker-bewusmakingmaand.

Chrislynn Sias gesels met Debbie Gebhardt oor hulle niewinsgewende organisasie, Check Now, Prevent, en die innoverende manier om jou te herinner om jou borste te ondersoek. Rodney Goliath, beter bekend as Rotas the Rapper, gooi weer ‘n rymkletsdraai om te vertel van sy nuwe mixtape. Listen to the conversation HERE


13 October 2022

A world-first, the Check Know Prevent bra promotes early detection of breast cancer.

Debbie Gebhardt, CEO of CheckKnowPrevent, chats to Leigh-Anne Williams about the bra and how the organisation aims to ensure that women check their breasts regularly, know what warning signs to look out for, and prevent premature death by taking immediate action.
Listen to the conversation HERE

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22 August 2022

This Bra is Designed to Help with Early Breast Cancer Detection

When it comes to beating breast cancer, we all know the importance of early detection. Performing regular breast checks on yourself is super important, but we’re all guilty of forgetting to examine ourselves often enough. Read the full article HERE

View the Women Stuff Instagram post about CKP HERE

4 August 2022

When it comes to breast cancer, ignorance is not bliss

It’s a daunting fact that in their lifetime, one in 26 South African women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in eight women run the risk of developing some form of cancer.
Read the full article HERE


3 August 2022

Local NPC innovate sports bra That helps women check for breast cancer

August is women’s month, and to celebrate healthy women and early detection of breast cancer, NPC Check Know Prevent launched an innovative sports bra to help. Read the full article HERE

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29 July 2022

SA-made sports bra which promotes early breast cancer detection launched

The undergarment uses a hidden inner lining to communicate how to correctly perform a self-breast examination, as well as what warning signs to look out for which could necessitate further examination by a professional. Read the full article HERE

Meet Velisa Sishuba
The WARRIOR behind the name of our sports bra

Velisa Sishuba

Velisa Sishuba

The heartfelt story of Velisa Sishuba is a powerful reminder that being “too young to have breast cancer” is a myth – and a dangerous one at that.

Velisa’s battle with cancer began in 2014 when she was only 17 and was diagnosed with angiosarcoma, a rare cancer which grows within the blood vessels and can move to any part of the body — in her case, the breast. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 she had numerous surgeries to remove the tumour and have reconstruction on both breasts after a mastectomy and a reduction of the remaining breast.

Then, in 2017, there was a recurrence of the angiosarcoma, this time to the side of her back, and she had to undergo surgery again. In this case, however, she also had to go through a three-month course of chemotherapy and, shortly thereafter a month and 10 days of radiation.

When her cancer returned for the 3rd time, Velisa was unable to beat the odds and tragically passed away in February 2019 at the tender age of 22. We at Check Know Prevent were – and are – devastated at her passing. V, as her friends called her, was a remarkable young woman and a journalism student at Rhodes University.

We have no doubt that V would have gone on to become an extraordinary journalist and storyteller, and her loss is a great one. Her special loves were the arts, people, music, dance, piano and helping other people – which is how our paths crossed.

Velisa was a strong proponent of early diagnosis of breast cancer and was an ardent supporter of Check Know Prevent and our mission. It is with love and admiration that our Sports Bra is named after her, a tribute to her legacy and a way in which she can continue helping people even though she is no longer with us. V was aware of this fact, and it brought her great pride and joy to know that her legacy would live on in this meaningful way.

Tell us your cancer story – be it one of survival and hope or to pay tribute to a fallen warrior. We’d love to hear about and honour these brave people and their support networks.

Can we use this story online?


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