Don’t give up

Nov 9, 2022

3 1/2 years ago I went to the doctor with breast pain. A few doctors said breast cancer is not sore. Went for a mammogram and found invasive DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ – i.e. early stage). Went to a provincial hospital (no medical aid). The doctor at the hospital sent me home and said “come back when you feel something” and gave anxiety medication – I don’t know why. 

Spoke to a friend who suggested another Dr (private).  He helped me for a year but it grew from invasive DCIS to invasive breast cancer. Got a referral to a government hospital and started with new tests. On the 3rd of Nov I see the surgeon and will know what treatment I am going to get – still needs to do an MRI. 

For 3 1/2 years still in pain. And from DCIS to cancer that has spread to the breast tissue. It’s hard if you don’t have medical aid or money. But I thank God that he have gave me a fighting chance and a wonderful doctor at a provincial hospital.

On top of my story, the same happened to my mom. Also has breast cancer at 69 years old. Had a single mastectomy in a provincial hospital. She is doing well.  But aftercare and help for provincial hospital patients are non-existent.   

Hope my story can help somebody – don’t give up when your body tells you something is wrong.  Keep going till you find a doctor who will help you!

Tell us your cancer story – be it one of survival and hope or to pay tribute to a fallen warrior. We’d love to hear about and honour these brave people and their support networks.

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